Tropical Hand Sanitizer


Our pure plant ethanol base is made by Koloa Rum on Kaua’i! It is 80% alcohol providing you with a high level of germ fighting power!  To this we add soothing Hawaiian plant extracts and healing Aloe Vera to help your skin stay balanced and moisturized.

Scent: Ka'u Orange

Apply to your hands and rub together until dry. Helps to reduce bacteria when soap and water are not available.


80% Alcohol

Distilled from plant sugars that helps reduce fight bacteria, fungus, and viruses

Aloe Vera

High in antioxidants, enzymes, Vitamins A and C, is highly anti-inflammatory, Hydrating and repairing

Māmaki Leaf + Turmeric + Taro + Ginger Root + Noni Fruit + Aloe Vera + Sugar Cane Distillates

Anti-inflammatory, High in Antioxidants, Hydrating, Soothing and Calming


Alcohol, Aloe Vera, Distillates of: Māmaki Leaf, Turmeric, Taro, and Ginger Root, Noni Fruit, Aloe Vera, Sugar Cane, Fragrance, Glycerin, Hydrogen Peroxide, Purified Water

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