Pua Hibiscus Volcanic Mask


Our Pua Collection is formulated for any skin type, including sensitive skin. 

This Hibiscus Volcanic Mask is formulated to balance and hydrate the skin, using the natural detoxifying properties of volcanic clay, infused with healing Hawaiian plants and soothing tropical oils.

Scent: Cherry Blossom

Cleanse the skin.  Place a teaspoon of mask on your fingertips and apply
evenly to moist skin to help mask spread more easily. Avoid eyes, nose,
and mouth.  This mask may tingle slightly as it activates and
stimulates circulation. Leave on for 5-10 or until almost dry and remove
with warm water.  Remove sooner if irritating. Follow with moisturizer
and serum.


Bentonite Clay

A mineral rich clay formed from Volcanic ash that has exceptional drawing properties to help eliminate sebum and other toxins in the skin and heal the skin. 

Passion Fruit Oil

Rich in essential fatty acids, and antioxidants, exceptionally anti-inflammatory and soothing.

Aloe Vera

High in antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins A and C, anti-inflammatory, hydrating and repairing

Noni Fruit

Anti-inflammatory making it ideal for inflamed skin. Also hydrating and skin repairing


Distilled Water, Bentonite Clay, Aloe Leaf, Passion Fruit Oil, Noni Fruit, Extracts of Banana, Sugar Cane, Aloe Vera, Orchid Flower, Passion Fruit, Potassium Sorbate, Phenoxyethanol {Caprylyl Glycol and Sorbic Acid}, Hibiscus, Jasmine, Natural Fragrance blend.

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